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I have written on several topics as listed below.  I am working on several articles on a range of topics including:  animation, African-American Literature, and Ruby C. Williams.  I am working on a children's book series which I will hopefully develop into an animated series.  I am also working on a children's book with Ruby C. Williams.  I will post samples of my writing soon, but if you would like to read something of mine, i will send it by email upon request for now.

  • Ruby C. Williams

  • Howard Finster

  • Faith Rinngold

  • Tennessee Williams

  • Beaufort, SC

  • Emmanual Levinas

  • Walter Pater

  • Africans in Renaissance Art

  • Arlene Raven

  • Bubblalous Bodacious BBQ

  • Traditional French Weddings

  • Astronaut Memorial at Kennedy Space Center

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