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if you know me you know that i am a very crafty person.  i am always making something or what i can make out of something else.  i love paper and i love giving gifts so i have been making cards since i was a little kid.  i also love fabric and make lots of stuff with it.  i am in the process of designing some patterns for fabric or paper myself. 

my new thing is jewelry.  even though i don't ever wear it, i have gotten pretty darn good at making it.  check out the pics of my jewelry and my cards to see what i have been up to.  then send me an email if you want me to make something for you since my cards and jewelry are for sale!!

moodyart was established in 1999 and is a business that makes individualized cards, invitations, and jewelry for sale or commission.  there are two divisions of moodyart that have been emerging:  meredithmoody handmade designs which includes one of a kind, unique and vintage jewelry and MHM cards which includes one of a kind, made to order, and recycled cards, invitations, and notes.

  • meredithmoody handmade designs - the jewelry i've been making can be found here.
  • MHM cards - the cards i've been making can be found here.
  • other stuff i've made - one of a kind things i've made can be found here.

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