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I love going to museum and art shows wherever I happen to be.  On a visit to Amsterdam, I skipped the main museums to go to the Cat Museum housed in an old Baroque mansion.  So much fun...  Some of my favorite museums and galleries include (in random order):
  • Menello, Orlando
  • Morse, Winter Park
  • Folk Art Museum,  NYC
  • Nassau County Museum, Roslyn
  • Studio Museum, Harlem
  • Tate, Liverpool
  • Prado, Madrid
  • Vatican Museum
  • High, Atlanta
  • Metropolitan, NYC
  • Ricco Maresca, Chelsea
  • Getty, LA
  • Art Institute, Chicago
  • Musee de la Civilisation, Quebec
  • Louvre, Paris
  • Musee d'Orsay, Paris
  • Miami Art Museum
  • Guggenheim, Venice
  • Lightner, St. Augustine


Below are links to my favorite art sites. 

  • folkvine
    • florida folk art's premier site has been a wealth of information for me.
  • the met
    • how can you not love this site.  tons of art info and lots of pics and resources.



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