fave links


fave links


These are links to my favorite things.  Of course there are more, but chances are you wouldn't want to link to them anyway.  click on my blog to see other lists of my fave things.

  • imdb.com
    • this is like videohound's on speed.  it is the greatest movie resource i have found.  lots of info and images.
  • tv.com
    • when i can't find what i need on imdb, i go here.
  • ludovic's site
    • my frenchie friend has his own site too.  it doesn't have me on it, but that is ok.  it is about his love for all things american.
  • madeline
    • j'adore la petite francaise.
  • nickelodeon
    • fun and games and the home of fairly odd parents!!
  • adult swim
    • just love family guy, venture brothers, and robot chicken!!
  • clearly first
    • great madison avenue shop with all kinds of lovely specialized scandinavian things.
  • marimekko
    • about the best overall set of fabric designs in one collection.
  • cartier
    • can't go wrong with cartier.
  • tiffany's
    • definitely can't go wrong with tiffany's..




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