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This chapter of my web site is devoted to the academic in me.  If you know me, you know that I have a very extensive and well rounded education.  I am a nice blend of an engineer on the left side of my brain and an artist on the right. 

I was in college for 7 years at the University of Central Florida earning 4 summa cum laude degrees (industrial engineering-honors in the major, French-studying abroad, art history-honors and honors in the major, liberal studies), one minor (mathematics) and doing 4 major thesis-type research projects (2 in art, 2 in engineering).  I won several scholarships and was inducted into every major honor society on campus.  I did several consulting projects with local businesses and was very involved with Tau Beta Pi, the national engineering honor society.

I was in grad school at Stony Brook University for 6 years, skipping the masters and getting a ph.d. in art history with focus areas of outsider and self-taught contemporary art, modern art, and Italian renaissance art.  My research is primarily in the area of outsider, self-taught and visionary African-American artists of the southeastern United States.  I have done the first major scholarly work on Ruby C. Williams, of Bealsville, FL.  I also like analyzing African-American self-taught art against African-American literature.  I have presented in local, regional, and national panels. 

I have found a very natural fit in teaching.  If you have been in one of my classes, you know I have a great rapport with my students and get them excited about art and critical thinking.  I also enjoy teaching writing.  You will find my CV, current projects and ideas, writing samples, images from my own art collection, and links to my favorite art websites.

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