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it's about time!

i finally have set up my own site.  after 5 years of owning all the site names i want, i finally have made something worth posting and hopefully worth visiting.  i hope it is helpful in some strange way to some one.  i know this site is only a start.  anyway, there is a little bit about each part of me in this site, kinda a combo pack of mere mere.  enjoy and many blessings.

Hopefully soon, i will have a site just for moodyart™ and meredithmoody™ handmade designs so ya'll can order stuff and shop around.  i definitely have the inventory for it now!

just mere mere

mere, ph.d.

this section contains my fave links and fun photos

this section contains all that scholarly stuff i do


give back

this section contains all my creative projects and some sample images. these are links to my favorite charities and organizations

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